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Our solution provides easily expandable environment to retails market

Automate Price Change

  • LG Innotek ESL is an important solutions to automate price tags changes with just a few clicks of buttons. Price tags changes can be planned months back without having any human psychical movement to change paper by paper. Paper price tags also will no longer to be changed by many humans from branches to branches, it is just simple central management software from LG Innotek ESL software. No more human overnight work to cater for any government price controlled items or any important price changes. Overtime work or wages is reduce while LG Innotek ESL is being implemented.



Reduce Human Errors of Paper Price Changes

  • With the implementation of LG Innotek ESL, many possible human errors can be reduced. From the traditional printer printed tags, papers have to be printed and distributed through many hands and branches. Further to that, many price changes were being done through midnight rush and LG Innotek ESL can reduce errors risks from late night work. With a few clicks of buttons through the LG Innotek ESL Systems, every price changes is done in a synchronise timing. Prices changes that were being done through many hands are now being controlled with one single administrator.



Schedule Promotion Price Change

  • Retails Promotions can be pre planned through out the whole year without any using many hands. Promotion templates and prices can be drawn and planned as early as possible. There shall not be any further preparation for human activities to stand by for paper price changes.
  • Groupings activities of discounted items can be reduced.
    -  Many items need not to be grouped into trays for group discounts, paper price tags may not to be changed or reprinted.
  • Lesser merchandising work is required
    -  Merchandising can be planned earlier without any stress for last minutes promotion work. LG Innotek ESL can highlight all price changes or information changes instantaneously when it is required. Different templates can be planned and displayed when any price changes.


Hourly Promotion is possible

  • With the LG Innotek ESL implementation, retail chains can run as many hourly promotions as possible. Conventionally, retail chains can only run hourly promotions with fewer items; it is due to many papers price changes in a very short period of time. Sales assistance needs to change papers price tags in minutes. LG Innotek ESL can make many possible items to have hourly promotions. Any defined low rate customers hours or any define food items with fast expiry timeline can use LG Innotek ESL to assist for hassle free price changes.
  • Loud speakers can be reduced for any hourly promotions work



Single Control for Pricing Management

  • All prices are being controlled from a single point with a single console. This has drastically reduced allot of pricing control issues. Headquarters of any retail chains will have an ease of mind of pricings are being printed wrongly by many humans. There shall needless to print tons of papers price tags that shall be distributed thru many hands. LG Innotek ESL can automate and enable single administrator to change price and information.



Synchronize time

  • LG Innotek ESL would enable price change for any items to change price at different locations but at the same synchronized time. There shall not be any further worries of any delayed changes of supposing prices. All prices will be changed as accordance to the time planned. There shall not be having any issues of prices changes that will take hours. LG Innotek ESL can make all prices change in seconds. Every single items can have their own prices change as accordance to schedule written to the LG Innotek ESL systems.



Pricing change for multiple branches/ outlets

  • Branches and outlets will not have any burdens to update latest pricing information through phones call, emails or faxes. Customers will have instant latest information LG Innotek ESL systems. Retails chains will have a worry free environment when more retails outlets are being opened. Every retail chain outlet will be fully automated with LG Innotek ESL Systems.


Easy pricing management for Member Day's offer or festive offer

  • Retail chains usual customers’ members day usually being offered for short period of time. Traditional members’ day promotions will need very fast changes of paper price tags. LG Innotek ESL systems will eliminate all these hands on operation to change price tags during members’ promotion and public promotions. This would drastically reduce heavy human operation to change price information during these time intervals. Retail branches can have more time to focus on how to make merchandise items more attractive instead of price tags.



Latest stocks information are instant notified

  • Retailers can notified any latest information instantly or immediately to any customers by using LG Innotek ESL Systems. This would reduce the need of customer service assistances for products latest information. Merchandise items will not be having delayed of information change. Emails, faxes and phone calls, time and papers are drastically reduces for products information changes.




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