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Digital Signage & Time Attendance


LG Innotek EPD Tags is a new generation of Digital Signage where it offers no electrical current while any displayed images are shown. Every of the information displayed are very green and effective and there shall not be any papers or heavy electrical current to display the contents. Signage may not use any papers or LCD Screen for power consumption anymore. Using LG Innotek EPD tags will save more papers and electrical current. Every tags can be displayed 24 by 7 without having to worry about the power consumptions.



Hotel Welcome Message and Wifi Login

  • These digital signage can be used for welcome note for inside hotels’ guests rooms. And further to that, hotels can utilise the NFC functions from the LG Innotek tags to work as the WIFI login feature. This would drastically reduce papers from printing random passwords for WIFI Logins. Hotels also can put hotels’ promotion 24 by 7 by using the LG Innotek tags.



Work Flow Signage for Factories

  • The LG Innotek tags can be used for periodical signage for workflow managements. Tags can be attached to different machineries in order to notified the factory’s workers about instructions or memos. Factory can pre-planned all scheduled works through the LG Innotek tags systems in order to notified all shifts workers.



Time Attendance

  • Workers can use these tags as the time attendance usage. All the tags can be programmed differently for time attendance usage. Workers need no longer to que for time attendance. All workers can just clock in and out at the own individual designated working areas.



Office and Facilities Booking

  • The LG Innotek tags can be used for office & Facilities booking. All the facilities booking information can be published through the LG Innotek tags systems. All the attendees can also clocked in and out the facilities from the tags.




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